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The STM Water Meter: DOMIX 30 is ideal for artisan bakers looking to save time and labour weighing and taking temperatures of the water they add to their dough.

This machine comes with a manual valve to mix hot and cold water to your desired temperature while you use a flexible hose to discard water in a basin. When you reach your desired temperature, enter the dosage amount you want the water meter to dispense. Move the flexible water line to your mixer to add to the dough. Hit start and watch the display for you how much water has been dispensed and what temperature is being read inside the water meter.

Considering which water meter is right for you?

If you want higher precision or a stainless steel structure, you might want to consider the DOMIX 35

If you need to keep recipes in memory and recall them very fast, or if you would like a separate outfeed for discarding water, you might want to consider the DOMIX 45 series


Never spead time weighing and measuring your water again!

The Most Affordable STM Water Meter

Save time

No longer have staff weigh water on a scale with a thermometer

More Precision

Max tolerances of ±1% in dosing and ±1,5°C in temperature

Intuitive to Use

Manual adjustment of temperature mixing. Two digital displays showing the quantity of water dosed, and the temperature of the mixed water inside the system

Features Included

  • ABS plastic structure
  • 115V single phase power
  • Remote management (start/stop) and RS 485 serial interface
  • Remote pump command for optional integration with STM Water Chiller

Optional Customizations

  • External 3-way kit (add an input line from a water chiller)

Optional 3 Way Kit for input line coming from a Water Chiller


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