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The intuitive and reliable water doser-mixer.

The DOMIX 35 represents the perfect combination of simplicity and reliability. The high precision mixing-unit, the easy-to-use interface and the stainless steel structure make this model the ideal choice for artisanal bakeries demanding high standards of performance and reliability.

The DOMIX 35 represents the perfect combination of simplicity and reliability

Power supply

230 Volt AC or 115 Volt AC ±10%

Operating regulation range

2÷60°C (36÷140°F)

Max batch

999,9 L; 99 lb + 15 oz; 999,9 lb

Max inlet temperature

65°C (149°F)

STM Water Technology is the department in STM that develops high-performance products for water management in the baking process. Thanks to the synergy with the STM Control Technology department, we can offer a wide range of water and oil Dosers, water Doser-mixers and Chillers to effectively satisfy every need: from the simplest to the most innovative Industry 4.0 models, we guarantee that the performances are always in line with the high STM Quality standards.

We believe that innovation is the engine towards the development, for this we continuously invest resources for updating skills and technologies and we encourage our team to exploit the advantages of a multidisciplinary approach to identify cuttingedge solutions in every project.

Over the years we have developed and we continue to refine a precise and rigorous method for the continuous improvement of the processes, that allows us to offer to our customers the highest quality and efficiency

A supporting team with a contact personfor each geographical area, answers within 24 hours, 2-year product warranty and spare parts available for at least 10 years.

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