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Dough Mixer Accessory – Liquid Yeast Machine

Incredible Time-Saving Sourdough Machine

Looking around your bakery and thinking about how to save time and space? Here comes the answer.

Starting sourdough can be really hard and time-consuming, especially when you have to go through the process every day. This liquid yeast machine drastically simplifies the process and maintains consistent high quality yeast regardless of who’s baking today.

Easily mix water, flour and yeast and in a few moments, you will get the best result possible. 100% natural liquid yeast in bulk, ready to be added to your sourdough in small quantities for multiple days, just like withdrawing from a tank. This machine allows you to control the temperature and environment to ensure the liquid yeast lasts for multiple days. As you run out, simply restart the process with a small amount left in the machine.

The unit can be programmed to automatically mix the liquid yeast for progressive maturation and consistency. A transparent top lid allows you to easily add ingredients to keep them alive and happy, while also adding full access for easy cleaning. Stainless steel construction provides stability and long life.

Small models can sit on a bench. Larger models come with wheels to roll the liquid yeast generator under the bench when not in use.

This machine is part of the Esmach Lab set-up, to streamline your bakery or pizza production space. Save time and money with the Esmach Lab design.

Finest yeast in few easy steps comes your way with this incredible machine

Napoletana Approved Certification

Certificated product to prepare authentic Neapolitan pizza, the result is aroma recalling and the pizza hand-crafting of the past

Customized to Your Yeast – Digital Control Panel

Easily monitor the whole process of maturation and presevartion with just few clicks. You can program unique environments for different types of yeast

Cleanliness is a Priority

Mess doesnt’t have to stress you anymore. Anti-dripping valves ensure the outflow of the yeast without any mess, easy top access for cleaning, stainless steel design, and more

Every Sourdough Deserves it’s own Yeast

From sour pizza to bread and specialty sour pastry, this machine brings you one step closer to designing your own unique yeast environment with its own taste, aroma, and profile

Total yeast capacity: 7.5kg (15.4lb) – 200kg (441lb) depending on model

Shipping weight: 50kg (110lb) – 405kg  (893lb) depending on model

Electrical: 1 phase+ ground and neutral, 230 V, 0.1kW total power – 3 phase+ ground and neutral, 400V, 1.1kW, 1.5kW, 2.1kW, 3.3kW total power depending on model

Safety: Safety lid with auto-stop

Maintenance: Removable machine head, allowing full access and easy cleaning. Removable blades for cleaning.

Control panel: Electromechanical

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