EsmachLab Smart

When Space and Flexibility Are the Most Important Needs

Are you thinking about widening shelves in your store with delish sourdough goods? But are you nervous about the space for all the necessary machines? You don’t have to be! Italian engineers from Emasch put their minds together and found solutions even for the tiniest spaces. All you need is space as little as three sqm and a bench.

Perfectly adaptable for any size and space. You can fit three machines in a place smaller than a dining table: a liquid yeast machine, a spiral mixer and a retarder proofer. Just calmly sitting in the corner, occupying minimum space and giving a high-quality base for a great bakery.

Don’t compromise on quality. The dough can be ready early in the morning and can be baked whenever needed. Preservatives and frozen products grow old. Focus on the finest, natural sourdough baked goods. You can bake for any time of the day, breakfast, lunch, or snacks. Let your customer bite into the crunchiest pizza crust or take a hot, straight-from-the-oven loaf of bread with them. The outstanding taste will definitely bring them back.

You can add a pizza or bread oven to your needs for all your requirements.

Fulfill your wildest dreams and bake by day, have fun by night

When Quality is the Main Character

No more struggling on how to keep the mother sourdough unpreserved. This set-up is here to help

Daily Continous Production

Sleepless nights are over. All the baking is happening during the day

Become your Customers Everyday Stop on their Way

To school, from work, and everywhere they go. There will always be waiting freshly baked goods on your shelves

Quality over Quantity

Well, this rule doesn't apply here. You will be able to produce up to 400kg bake goods a day, and not a piece will be ripped on quality




EsmachLab Smart set up with a planetary mixer

Do you want to start baking yummy French baguettes, bagels, ciabattas and more? Just add a planetary mixer. Don’t worry about the size. It will fit nicely on the bench, and sizing less than 60cm (23.6 inches) doesn’t take much place.

EsmachSmart Lab in kitchen setup


EsmachSmart Lab Pizza station set-up


Combine the existing system with Esmach Pizza Oven to achieve the deliciousness of Italian pizza, no matter where you are located.  Replace the smaller retarder proofer with the bigger version to keep even more sourdough ready to be changed into tasty pizza!


EsmachSmart Lab setup with pizza oven

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