Esmach Volumetric Automatic Divider SP

Designed for Intensive and Heavy Use

Ultimate divider from Esmach. Created to deliver constant, high-quality results. It is capable of delivering up to 3600 products per hour, making it a highly efficient machine for high-volume production.

Unbeatable in combo with Bongard ECP Intermediate Proofer and Esmach FE Bread Loaf Moulder. Together they are creating the ultimate bread line.

The divider comes in two versions: to process single and double pieces. The single-piece version is suitable for large loaves. The double pieces one is equipped with belts that can run at different speeds. It can come with different exits as well. The exit can be placed on the side or at the end. Both versions are adjustable so that the divider can be part of the setup with other machines.

The divider is equipped with a user-friendly control panel. This machine allows you to pre-set the number of pieces you want, and when it is done, it automatically stops. If something crash, the display will show you how many pieces are left to do. It has a mechanical flour duster, which prevents the dough from sticking.

The outer construction is made from iron with anticorrosive treatment, stainless steel blades and greased inner gear, ensuring years of smooth use. Divider is equipped with two castors, one of them has a break.

Leavened or soft dough is the best company, divided with absolute accuracy

Conveyor Double Belt

The speed of each belt can be set-up separately for the most convenient results

Sturdy and Durable Construction

Iron frame in combination with stainless steel blades

Pre-selected Counting

The number of desired pieces is set up first. Then the machine will stop automatically when it's reached

Strict Safety Standards

The divider has a bunch safety elements to meet the highest criteria

Electrical: 3-phase+ ground 220 V

Shipping Weight: 700 kg (1543 lb)

Weight Range: 90 kg (198 lb) – 280 kg (617 lb) depending on model and feeding

Programs: No

Production Range: 1300- 3600 per hour, depending on model

Maintenance: Recommended periodic cleaning inside and outside

Safety: Emergency button, safety grid

Customizable features:

  • Version for single output or version for double piece output
  • Available with front or side exit
  • 700 mm delivery belt
  • Control panel on the opposite side
  • Stainless steel outer construction
  • Rolling belt fitted on a delivery conveyor belt to be able to work with soggy and sticky dough

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