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Esmach Modular Electric Deck Oven

Put Together the Oven, which Fits Best in Your Space

Part of the EsmachLab family. Great for bread, specialty pastry, pizza, ciabatta, and focaccias. This is a very versatile oven

This Italian-engineered Esmach electric deck oven is modular and will easily fit through a standard-size door. Its stable, stainless steel construction provides a long life cycle and easy maintenance. The flexibility of this oven is incomparable to others – you can independently combine decks with different crown heights or door styles. How does this benefit you? In one deck you can bake high, soft, chocolate-rich panettone and another deck can be suited for pizzas, loaves of bread and more.

Each deck is controlled by its own control panel, allowing you to independently set bake time, temperature, steam, etc. Each deck enables you to set both the top and bottom temperatures. For door design, you can choose either tempered glass or fully stainless steel.

This electric deck oven was designed with an eye on energy conservation and it allows you to more efficiently maintain temperature during downtime, while also giving you an auto start-up programming feature.

Available with decks which fit 2,3,4,6 or 8 trays (European sized) with a maximum of 4 baking decks.

Good for pizza, bread, or pastry. The Esmach electric modular deck oven is customizable and reliable

Simple Control Panel

Each deck has it’s own digital control panel so you can independently control temperature, steam, and recipes. Comes with automatic start-up, so you and your staff can sleep in

Durability that Last

Built to last. Designed by Italian engineers with over 50 years in the industry. Possibility to add more chambers as your busines grow

Customize the Build to Your Needs

From pizza to panettone to bread, you can combine different decks to best suit the products you want to bake

Stone Heart

Porous stone floor absorbs humidity and results in homogenously baked and perfectly leavened bread

Fuel Source: Electricity

Electrical: 3-phase 220V (total power depends on model)

Shipping weight: 160kg (1100lb)- 835kg (1840lb) depending on model

Steam: Optional, with independent control for each deck

Baking surface: Stone hearth

Baking area: 0.57 m2– 2.13 m2 per deck depending on model

Temperature range: Max 400°C (752°F)

Even baking: Yes

Air movement: Natural Convection

Control panel: Digital Control Panel

Modularity: Yes

Loader: Oven peel

Maintenance: Low maintenance and easy oven cleaning features

Safety: Temperature cool handle, high limit temperature auto turn-off


Customizable Features:

A steamer with the independent operation for each deck can be installed upon request

Can be made with a built-in proofer or on stainless steel stand with or without tray slides



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