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Established in the 1970s as Esperia, but in the 1980s changed the name to today's world known as Esmach.

Started with spiral mixers and dividers, and over the years started producing other kinds of bakery equipment. Nowadays, their catalogue contains mixers and mixer lifts, yeast processors, dividers, proofers and ovens. They also closely cooperate with French Bongard, strengthening both companies on the market.

To these days, Esmach works on innovations and continuous improvement of their machines, with emphasis on healthy principles and artisan know-how, to deliver the best possible result to their customers.

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Esmach office
Esmach service cars
Esmach self tipping spiral mixer from 80kg to 200kg
Esmach Self-tipping Spiral Mixers: 80 kg to 200 kg
Esmach intermediate proofer
Esmach Automatic Intermediate Proofer ECP
Esmach tabletop spiral mixer E-planet
Esmach Tabletop Planetary Mixer 20L
Spiral mixer with 40kg bowl
Compact Fixed Bowl Esmach Spiral Mixer 40 kg
Fresh Yeast Machine
Dough Mixer Accessory – Liquid Yeast Machine
Esmach spiral mixer
EM Bakery Exclusive Esmach Spiral Mixer 30 kg to 200 kg
Esmach Retarder proofer with climother system
Esmach Roll-in BFA Climother Retarder Proofer
Spiral mixer with power hub
Esmach Spiral Mixer with Veggie and Cheese Adapter
Esmach Bake Stone CLIMOTHER
Esmach Pizza Hearth Oven Bakestone
Esmach Bowl Elevator-Tipper: ESR
Esmach Bowl Elevator-Tipper: ESR Models
Esmach Reach-in Retarder Proofer Climother
Esmach Reach-in BFA Climother Retarder Proofer
Esmach baguette molder
Esmach Long Loaf (baguette) Moulder FFBT EVO
Volumetric divider from Esmach
Esmach Volumetric Automatic Divider SP
EsmachLab Smart
EsmachLab Smart
Esmach FE Bread Molder
Esmach FE Bread Long Loaf Moulder
Esmach Bowl Elevator-Tipper Tilti
Compact Esmach Bowl Elevator-Tipper TILTI Models
Large Esmach Self-Tipping Spiral Mixer
Large Esmach Self-tipping Spiral Mixer 250 kg to 300 kg
Large Esmach spiral mixer
LARGE Esmach Removable Bowl Spiral Mixer 160 kg to 300 kg
Esmach Modular Electric Deck Oven EF-P
Esmach Modular Electric Deck Oven EF-P

Weekdays: 8:30 - 5:00 PST

Weekends: Closed

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EM Bakery Equipment

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