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Bassanina Single Rack Oven: FR Compact

Maximum Baking Capacity in Minimum Space

Everything that EM Bakery’s Best-Selling Rack Oven has to offer, now in a smaller, more compact design.

Built from decades of Italian manufacturing and baking experience, this oven has the same durability and low maintenance, continuous baking capabilities, versatile baking options, and efficiency of Bassanina’s Double Rack Oven, except it’s now designed to fit smaller spaces, bringing high production capabilities to smaller retail locations or bakeries.

True Baking Versatility: suitable for a large variety of bread and confectionery products. The rotating rack and balanced distribution of air and steam allow even and regular baking that provides great volume and spring. Delivers perfect steam distribution, even with continuous work cycles.

Designed for High Efficiency & Durability: engineered in the finest detail to assure extended durability and working life. Every detail helps to reduce heat loss and optimize heat dispersion inside the oven, lowering your energy costs and decreasing time needed to bake.

Bassanina Single Rack FR Compact

A single-rack oven designed to fit smaller spaces, bringing industrial production capabilities to smaller retail locations and bakeries

Compact to Fit Your Space

Squeeze industrial baking capabilities into remote or smaller retail locations

Continuous Baking

Get the most out of your oven. Oven is designed, built and tested to perform continuous uninterrupted baking cycles

One Oven for All your Products

Stable, uniform and even baking, combined with optional steam, allows you to bake almost anything you want.


Save time and deliver 100% consistency by pre-programming up to 99 of your recipes. Temperature, time, steam and steam duration

Additional Features Included

  • Fits 1 single rack. Tray dimensions 46x66cm or 18x26inches
  • Mechanical or digital programmable panel (99 recipe storage)
  • 3 Phase power. 220V 60hz

Customizable Features

  • Rack suspension system to hold racks from the top of the oven
  • Inverter / Variable speed steam extractor and air circulation fan
  • All electric Model

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