Panem Industrial Tunnel Proofers and Retarder Proofers

Tunnel Solution

Panem’s Industrial is a walk-through unit. They can be made as a proofer, retarder proofer, or retarder proofer for frozen dough.

On each side are doors for easy moving of the racks. The racks are in a row, so you don’t have to move them around to get the one you need out.

The through construction is made from stainless steel, ensuring a long working life. The pipes are in a protective stainless steel case as well.

Units are controlled by the control panel, and Panem, you can choose from 4 different versions, the highest of which is a touch screen.

The door hinges are reversible.

The number of racks fitting in depends on you and your needs.

We can also assist you with absolutely custom proofers and retarder proofers,


Two Doors

On every side for easy handling with the racks


Two, four, eight or more racks, based on your needs

Quality and Reliability

Quality materials and reliable components, along with precise engineering, ensure a long working life

Built at Your Place

Comes preassembled and is built on the spot

Type: Roll-in rack industrial retarder and retarder proofer

Other technical details will depend on your configuration

Customizable features:

  • You can customize this unit. For more info Contact us.

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