Bakery Retarder Proofers

Reach-in Cabinet Retarder Proofers

The Bongard HERA Reach-in Retarder proofer is the ultimate rollable proofing cabinet, equipped with touch screen and proofing as low as 6°C (42.8°F)
Solid reach-in retarder proofer is great addition to any bakery, with superb insulation ensuring zero temperature lost
Reach in retarder proofer, with double capacity. This cabinet fits two trays sideway, great fit for busy bakers
Two control panels and two independent cells allow you to proofer two different products at the same time

Roll-in Rack Retarder Proofers

Bongard Roll-in Retarder Proofer HERA-C

Ultimate retarding proofing cabinet in roll-in version to speed up your baking game, equipped with touch screen and proofing as low as 6°C (42.8°F)

Bongard Roll-In Retarder Proofer BFC

A highly customizable and high-quality roll-in rack retarder proofer. One machine to refrigerate or proof your dough.

Panem Roll-in Racks Retarder Proofer

Fully customizable roll-in rack retarder proofer for fresh dough. French-made, high-performance, with multiple adaptations

Panem Roll-in Retarder Proofer for Frozen Dough

Upgraded version of Panem retarder proofer with a unique feature for frozen, raw dough

Industrial Retarder Proofers

Are you looking for industrial size retarder proofers or need them for your production setting? Be sure to check our industrial retarder proofers.

Bakery Retarder Proofers FAQ

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