Panem Roll-in Retarder Proofer for Frozen Dough

Start Proofing Straight from the Freezer

Unique feature created in Panem for proofing and retarding frozen, raw dough.

Profit from years of expertise and know-how from engineers in Panem.

The retarding and the proofing process come from the Panem retarder proofer. The main difference is in the heating and cooling power. Since the dough is frozen, it needs less cooling for retarding. But, on the other hand, it needs more heating to defrost properly before proofing.

This retarder proofer shares all technical features with the Panem roll-in retarder and proofer.

Benefits from Panem's years of expertise and know-how

Frozen Dough Is Not a Problem

Thanks to extra heating and cooling power, the retarder proofer is able to process the dough

Preventing Corrosion Risk

Inside stainless steel construction ensures proofer won't be attacked by corrosion

Ready to Plugin

Retarder proofer is delivered ready to be used right on

Full Humidity Control

The humidity control is controlled by a mechanical hygrostat

Type: Roll-in retarder proofer, bakery retarder proofer

Electrical: 1-phase 230 V

Proofing temperature range: 40°C (104°F)

Humidity range: 99%

Cooling temperature range: -5°C (23°F)

Capacity: 1-7 racks, depending on model

Control panel: Electromechanical, touchscreen optional

Shipping weight: Depending on model

Maintenance: Low maintenance, designed for easy cleaning

Customizable features:

  • Option to have non-slipping grid resin floor
  • Comes in LUXE version: allows temperature & humidity control, data monitoring and 2-stage heating for energy saving and better precision of temperature regulation. Luxe version has electronic hygrostat
  • Can be delivered disassembled and built on a spot
  • Window per door, double doors, tunnel doors, outside stainless steel

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