STM Water Meter DOMIX 35

Economic Model with High Precision

The DOMIX 35 represents the perfect combination of simplicity and reliability. The high precision mixing unit, the easy-to-use interface and the stainless steel structure make this model the ideal choice for artisanal bakeries demanding high performance and reliability standards.

Considering which water meter is right for you?

Main Benefits of Domix 35 over the Domix 30

  • Stainless steel case
  • Higher precision temperature control
  • Reference scale on the temperature dials to help find the desired dosage temperature

If you need to keep recipes in memory and recall them very fast, or if you would like a separate outfeed for discarding the water, you might want to consider the DOMIX 45 series. But If the by-pass output and the recipes are unnecessary, and you still want a machine in stainless steel, the Domix 35 might be the one for you.

The DOMIX 35 represents the perfect combination of simplicity and reliability

Intuitive to Use

Manual adjustment of temperature mixing. Two digital displays show the quantity of water dosed, and the temperature of the mixed water inside the system

Excellent Precision

Max tolerances of ± 1% in dosing and ± 1°C in temperature

Simple Installation

Installation kit and 2.5 m (>8ft) delivery hose in food-grade plastic with stainless steel terminals included

Built to Last

Durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel case

Electrical: 1-phase 115 V

Total Power: 25 VA

Temperature Range: 2/60°C (35.6/140°F)

Mixing Precision: ± 1°C

Dosing Precision: ± 1%

Max Inlet Temperature: 65°C (149°F)

Max Dose: 99 lb+ 15 oz

Inlet Pressure: 1- 5 bar at 72.5psi

Flow Rate: 18 l/min (40 lb/min) at 1 bar at 20°C (38°F)

Saved Programs: 1

Bypass Outlet: Same as a dosage outlet

Chiller Compatibility: Optional with the 3-way kit, more info below

Maintenance: Easy on maintenance

Safety: Food-grade plastic with stainless steel terminals included

Customizable features:


Optional 3-Way Kit for input line coming from a Water Chiller


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