Trima Automatic Bun Divider Rounder KE/PRIMA EVO 4-8 lines

High Production, Hand-Made Quality

The Trima Automatic Bun Divider Rounder: KE / PRIMA EVO is a more robust version of the K2 / PRIMA DUO Model with higher production and greater automation capabilities.

This machine can handle multiple dough types. It will take up to 25kg (55lb) of dough in a funnel hopper and automatically cut and divide the dough into precisely weighed pieces, gently round each piece, and then drop them onto a conveyor. One person can operate this machine and can produce up to 9,000+ pieces per hour. Standard dough weight ranges: from 30 to 85 grams in increments of 5 grams up to 50 to 115 grams

The operation is simple and needs only one person. Can be equipped with a touchscreen panel to set the weight of the divided dough pieces, rounding height, rounding speed, and rounding time, which you can store as recipes.

Stainless steel construction for easy maintenance and long work life. It is equipped with wheels.

Designed to be synchronized with other pieces of equipment or combined into a larger production line to produce your desired baking product. (More info below)

A Fully Automatic Dough Divider Rounder to Work in your Production Line

Maximum Production in a Small Footprint

The machine can be set to run 4-pocket, 5-pocket, 6-pocket, or 8-pocket conveyor belts

Lots of Automation Capabilities

Combine with a different production line to proof, mold, slit, stamp, elongate, and more

Designed for Quick & Hygenic Cleaning

Stainless steel manufacturing and thoughtful design to enable simple and hygienic cleaning. The rounding plate is coated with a Teflon material to handle even sticky dough

Synchronize your Production

This machine can be connected to intermediate proofers or other equipment from other supplies for seamless production

Maximum capacity: 4 lines-6000 pieces per hour, 5 lines– 7500 pieces per hour, 6 lines– 9000 pieces per hour, or 8 lines

Safety: Emergency button

Maintenance: Easy on maintenance

Control panels: Yes

Programs: Yes, can save programs

Customizable features:

  • Weight ranges of 30 to 150 grams, 60 to 130 grams, or 90 to 180 grams
  • Choose your settings manually with a handwheel or order a touch panel and store recipes
  • Build your own production line (see more below)

Customized Production Lines for your Factory

The Trima Bun Divider Rounder: KE / PRIMA EVO is specially designed to work in tandem with Trima’s Bread Production Lines, including a

  • Slit bread roll system (relaxation zone, long-rolling, pre-proofing, cutting)
  • Moulded bread roll system (pre-proofing, stamping)
  • combo bread roll system (pre-proofing, cutting, rotating and stamping)

Trima Automatic Bread Lines

This bun divider rounder can also work with a dough chunker and bowl elevator for automatic lifting and filling of the hopper. Built-in synchronization capabilities allow you to also easily connect to an intermediate proofer and equipment from other supplies.

Suitable for wheat dough, mixed wheat dough, rye dough, donuts, pretzel dough, and special doughs. Great for rolls and buns (ex: kaiser), hot dogs, hamburger buns, mini baguettes, and more.



Troubleshooting? Want to learn more?

Take a look at how customizable the TRIMA Divider Rounder can become with this Multi Belts System.


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