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LVO Pressure wash FL10
LVO Front Load Pan Pressure Wash FL10 and FL14
Heavy-duty pot, pans and tray washer, with the temperature reaching up to 195 °C for sanitizing end rinse wash.
LVO Pressure wash FL25
LVO Front Load Pan Pressure Wash FL25
Powerful, front-load washer for pots, trays, and pans. Cleaning up to 250 trays per hour, with sanitizing rinse wash
LVO RW2580
LVO Roll-in Pan and Rack Washer RW2580
Outstanding performance, up to 780 pans can be washed in one hour! Realiable for years
LVO RW1548
LVO Roll-in Pan and Rack Washer RW1548
Wash and sanitize pots and racks in this roll-in, fully automatic and high-capacity washer. Desigbed to serve for years in any busy bakery
Corner pan washer LVO CL10
LVO Corner Pan and Rack Washer CL10
Powerfull pan washer, designed to be placed easily into corner, with tables on two sides

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