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Founded in 2000, with previous three decades of lasting experience in the bakery industry.

Since its establishment, Escher was orientated and specialized on

bread and pastry mixing machinery.

Escher started their mixer portfolio with fixed bowl spiral mixers, continuing with removable bowl ones with lifters, self-tilting mixers and finally planetary mixers. They are producing mixer accessories as well.

Through the years, they gained knowledge and created new mixers for a wide community of bakers. There's no dough Escher mixer cannot knead.

Passion for their product helped them to become leaders in the market with mixers. To this day Escher has numerous models of mixers known for their sturdiness, efficiency and durability.

Escher floor planetary mixer
Escher Floor Planetary Mixer- PM line 20L to 80L
Escher Planetary Mixer- Professional line 60L to 160L
Escher Planetary Mixer PM-D line 200L to 400L
Escher Tabletop Planetary Mixer- PM line 20L
Escher Planetary Mixer PM-DB line 200L to 800L
Escher Bowl Lifter Tipper ESBL Industry Line

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