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Since 1946, JAC has been manufacturing professional bakery machinery and equipment focused on innovation, high quality and robustness. Our entire team is centred around our customers, who have been our first priority and source of inspiration since we started. Specializing in slicing machines and bread making machines, we develop innovative bread making equipments for our customers, no matter where they are located. Bread is an essential food product that is consumed in homes worldwide, and JAC is the only name you need to think of when you need bakery production line equipment.

JAC bread slicer
JAC Slicer New Self
Bread slicer JAC ECO+ 450
JAC Slicer ECO+ 450
Bread slice on the stand
JAC Slicer Picomatic One
JAC bagel and bun slicer
JAC Horizontal Slicer ZIP
Variable thickness slicer JAC Varia 1000
JAC Variable Thickness Slicer VARIA 1000
JAC Slicer Varia 800
JAC Variable Thickness Slicer VARIA 800
JAC Full T3
JAC Slicer Full T3
JAC slicer Full T2
JAC Slicer Full T2

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