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Escher Floor Planetary Mixer- PM line 20L to 80L

Sturdy, floor planetary mixer, with changeable tools, to widen the mixing possibilities and always mix to its best

Escher Planetary Mixer- Professional line 60L to 160L

Precision engineering ensures smooth and great design. With extra tools and the possibility of changing the speed

Belshaw Donut Robot® Mark II & Mark V

Easy and dependable donut fryer automatically deposits, fry, run and dispense donuts and mini donuts

Belshaw Tabletop Frying Cut-N-Fry System

Tabletop frying system designed for cake and yeast-raised donuts, hushpuppies, loukoumades and more, depending on the mix or recipe used

Bellshaw Donut Fryer Electric Tabletop 616B

A rock-solid, tabletop, dependable fryer for donuts and other fried products. Thank to its size it requires minim space

Belshaw Donut Fryer Electric Floor Model 618L & 624

Electric floor fryer, needing as little as 2 square meters, to create daily batch of yummy donuts. Convenient choice for donut production

Belshaw Donut Fryer Gas Floor Model 718LCG, 724CG & 734CG

Three different sizes of floor gas fryers from Belshaw, needing just 2 square metres. A convenient choice for donut production

Escher Tabletop Planetary Mixer- PM line 20L

A high-quality, planetary mixer can be used for a wide variety of dough. With extra tools, you will be able to mix anything

Belshaw Semi-automatic Shortening Filter and Melter EZMELT18 &24 &34

Belshaw’s shortening melter-filter EZMelt for cleaning shortening for always clean fryers and delicious donuts

EM Donut Batter Volumetric Depositor SP/200

Variable speed, the two-stroke volumetric depositor, designed to handle batter with nuts, raisins or chips

Belshaw Manual Shortening Handheld Filter-Flo Siphon

Simple shortening siphon for manual use. Extracts and clears shortening from the fryer into a metal container and then can be used again

LVO Front Load Pan Pressure Wash FL25

Powerful, front-load washer for pots, trays, and pans. Cleaning up to 250 trays per hour, with sanitizing rinse wash

Panem Reach-in Small Capacity Blast Freezer

The perfect solution for bakeries looking to preserve the quality and freshness of their food products

LVO Front Load Pan Pressure Wash FL10 and FL14

Heavy-duty pot, pans and tray washer, with the temperature reaching up to 195 °C for sanitizing end rinse wash.

Tekno Stamap Floor Planetary Mixer-TK line 40L to 200L

This heavy-duty, planetary mixer guarantees precision, durability, and consistent performance, enhancing efficiency in any bakery

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