Esmach Pizza Hearth Oven Bakestone

Highly Efficient Modular Pizza Hearth Oven

This electric hearth oven produces pizza as close to the wood-fired hearth oven as possible. The Esmach Bakestone Climother is for the artisan Pizzaiolo who wants ultimate control and efficiency in an eye-catching hearth oven.

The Bakestone Climother is specially designed to produce consistent and high-quality Napoletana pizza. The oven can reach temperatures of up to 530°C (990°F), and in addition to both top and bottom heating elements, it also has a heating element at the front of the oven. This ensures even temperatures on the baking surface so you don’t sacrifice pizza quality while pulling out pizzas every 90 seconds.

The surface is also made of Biscotto di Sorrento, which is a handmade stone made from clay produced in the Sorrecto area of Italy specially designed to reduce burning on pizza crust. Given its cost and rarity, this stone is only used in the best pizza ovens around the world.

The entire engineering of this oven is designed for maximum heat retention and recovery, from the refractory materials on the outside of the oven to the small opening that minimizes heat loss.

Its unique design and customizable color make this oven great for open kitchen spaces and authentic pizza restaurants. It’s even been engineered to fit roll through a standard door on installation.

No way your customers will recognize if they are in Italy or not

530°C (990°F) Max Temperature with a Biscotto di Sorrento Baking Surface

(yes you read that right)

Napoletana Engineering at it's Finest

All aspects of this oven are designed to maintain steady high temperature to produce high quality napoletana pizza

Cost Savings

The efficiency of this oven also allows you to reduce electricity consumption and costs

All the Nice to have Luxuries

This oven comes with internal lighting, timers, economy setting, pre-programmed oven starting, and more

Fuel source: Electricity

Electrical: 3-phase 208 V+ neutral and ground

Shipping weight: 440 kg (970 lb)

Steam: Optional (see below)

Baking surface: Stone in “Biscotto di Sorrento” reduces burning

Baking Area: Fits four extra large pizzas (17 inches) or seven large pizzas (14 inches)

Temperature Range: Maximum 530°C (990°F)

Even baking: Yes, it even includes a separate heating element at the front of the oven

Air movement: Natural convection

Modularity: Yes. Designed to roll through a standard door

Control panel: Electromechanical

Loader: Pizza peel

Maintenance: Includes oven self-cleaning cycle

Safety: Temperature cool handle, heat resistance panel

Customizable features:

  • Add a single bread deck underneath the oven. It can fit one deck that is one tray wide from the Bongard Bakery Electric Deck Oven: Soleo. The baking deck can be positioned to face forwards, backwards, or on either side to allow two working areas
  • Customizable colour- make it fit the unique design of your retail location
  • Extraction Fan (pizza deck oven and/or bakery deck oven)
  • Add a Steamer kit (see more below)

Looking to create a retail production space specializing in Sourdough Pizza? Be sure to check out the entire Esmach Lab Smart system produced by Esmach


Optional Bakestone Climother Steamer Kit

When you burn wood in a wood-fired pizza oven, it releases humidity, achieving a more balanced and intense bake. Knowing this, engineers at Esmach designed the Bakestone Climother to have the option to add a patented Climother steamer to add humidity inside the oven. This allows this hearth oven to mimic a true wood-fired oven despite being electric. In recognition of this, this oven is approved by the AVPN (True Napoletean Pizza Association).

Adding a steamer kit to this oven creates humidity while baking pizza, giving more uniformity to the internal temperature of the oven and keeping the pizza softer and evenly baked.


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