Diving Arm Mixers

Diving Arm Mixers

Tekno Stamap Diving Arm Mixer
Designed the best French pastry just in the blink of an eye with this awesome diving arm mixer. Great asset for any artisan baker

Diving Arm Mixers FAQ

What is a diving arm mixer?

A diving arm mixer, known as a twin arm mixer too, has two arms that “dive” into the bowl to mimic the movement of human hands mixing. This long, soft, and gentle way of mixing gives more time for the development of gluten and can impart a more distinct flavour profile.

The arm of this mixer has perfect coordination and is designed for the gentlest kneading. One arm in the shape of a hook folds the dough. The other arm has a different shape and stretches the dough.

For high-hydration doughs or Panettone, a diving arm mixer is often preferred. For all other breads and pizza doughs, a spiral mixers is often suggested.

Diving arm hands

What is diving arm mixer used for?

These mixers are best for soft or high-hydration doughs that require high aeration. Diving arm mixers are excellent for high-end sourdough bread, bagels, ciabattas, puff pastry, brioches and croissants.

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