Planetary Mixers

Countertop Planetary Mixers

Economy Countertop Planetary Mixer
Space-saving, countertop planetary mixer, designed to handle wide range of dough with ease
Esmach Tabletop Planetary Mixer 20L
The Esmach tabletop removable bowl mixer (Model: E-PLANET) is designed for serious bakers with a small space. It can be placed on top of a workbench or on a dedicated stand.
Escher Tabletop Planetary Mixer- PM line 20L
A high-quality, planetary mixer can be used for a wide variety of dough. With extra tools, you will be able to mix anything
Tekno Stamap Tabletop Planetary Mixer 10L and 20L
Great economy choice for home bakers or as an add-on for any baker. High production efficiency in a small space

Floor Planetary Mixers

Escher floor planetary mixer
Escher Floor Planetary Mixer- PM line 20L to 80L
Sturdy, floor planetary mixer, with changeable tools, to widen the mixing possibilities and always mix to its best
Escher Planetary Mixer- Professional line 60L to 160L
Precision engineering ensures smooth and great design. With extra tools and the possibility of changing the speed
Tekno Stamap Floor Planetary Mixer-TK line 40L to 200L
This heavy-duty, planetary mixer guarantees precision, durability, and consistent performance, enhancing efficiency in any bakery

Inudstrial Planetary Mixers

Are you looking for bigger-sized bowls or need mixers for your production setting? Be sure to check our industrial mixers offer.

Planetary Mixers FAQ

What is a planetary mixer?

A planetary mixer is a multi-tool mixer. In other words, you can change the mixing tool or device type. Examples include a curved spiral hook, a whisk, a paddle or beater, or other custom tool.

Other terms used to describe a planetary mixer include cookie mixer, cake mixer, “Hobart style” mixer, or batter mixer.

The biggest advantage of a planetary mixer is the ability to change tools. As such, the same mixer can be used to mix creams, cookie dough, cake dough, and much more.

Can I replace or change the whisk or beater on my mixer?

Yes and no. It depends.

Each mixer (whether spiral or planetary or diving arm) is often designed to work only with tools (whisk, beater, paddle, hook, etc.) made by the same company.

So if your whisk or beater breaks, absolutely, this can be replaced. Planetary mixers are designed for easy removal and replacement of tools, while spiral mixers and diving arm mixers take more work to change tools out.

However, if you are trying to fit a whisk or beater you found on eBay into the mixer you have at your bakery, buyer beware. Tools are often not interchangeable between different sizes and/or brands of mixers.

Changeable mixing tools
What is the difference between manual lifting and automatic lifting on a planetary mixer?

The difference between manual lifting and automatic lifting is that manual lifting requires using a hand crank or a lever to adjust the mixer bowl height or head, while automatic lifting is powered by a motor and controlled by a set of buttons.

Manual lifting allows you to control positions, but it requires physical effort to do so. This type of lifting is most common on small countertop planetary mixers, while automatic lifting can be found on large industrial planetary mixers. Typically, for planetary mixers with 60 or 80-quart capacity or greater, we recommend you consider a planetary mixer with an automatic lifting feature.

Escher floor planetary mixer
Escher floor planetary mixer
Can I mix bread dough in a planetary mixer?

Yes, you can mix bread in a planetary mixer, but we don’t recommend it. Planetary mixers are designed for batter, creams, and soft doughs like cookies or muffins.

For most planetary mixers, if you mix bread dough in them, they will significantly decrease the working life of the mixer. Secondarily, planetary mixers do not have a motor to rotate the bowl. This will add extra heat to your dough, causing yeast to rise faster than you typically want.

Another disadvantage is that when mixing in a planetary mixer, the dough is heated up significantly. This is an undesirable effect because the yeast rises too soon.

What is a mixer hub or power hub?

A Mixer hub or power hub refers to the same thing: a hub designed to expand the versatility of mixers by attaching different accessories, like a grinder or a shredder.

This allows you to shred straight to the bowl while it’s attached to the mixer.

Mixer attachment

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