Industrial Mixers

Industrial Spiral Mixers

Esmach Self-tipping Spiral Mixers: 80 kg to 200 kg
EM Bakery's best-selling mixer line combined with a self-tipping mechanism. Prioritizes staff health and production efficiency
Large Esmach Self-tipping Spiral Mixer 250 kg to 300 kg
For maximum production. These 250 kg or 300 kg Self-Tipping Spiral Mixers are designed to lift up and rotate the entire machine to tip the dough onto a worktable or unique volumetric divider hopper.
LARGE Esmach Removable Bowl Spiral Mixer 160 kg to 300 kg
Exclusively distributed by EM Bakery, these large removable bowl spiral mixers offer maximum flexibility for your high-production facility

Industrial Planetary Mixers

Escher Planetary Mixer PM-D line 200L to 400L
Double tool, industrial, planetary mixer designed for large production of the most flawless batter and dough
Escher Planetary Mixer PM-DB line 200L to 800L
Super heavy-duty mixer with big-capacity bowl. Equipped with two double mixing tool and unique bridge design

Bowl Lifting and Tipping

Tekno Stamap Bowl Lifter
Bowl lifter designed for all-size bakeries, equipped with an emergency device to emphasize the safety
Esmach Bowl Elevator-Tipper: ESR Models
Designed for heavy industrial use. Tip dough onto a workbench, into a hopper, or feed automatic production lines
Compact Esmach Bowl Elevator-Tipper TILTI Models
This compact Esmach Bowl elevator-tipper is used to transfer dough from a mixer bowl onto a worktable or into a volumetric divider hopper
Escher Bowl Lifter Tipper ESBL Industry Line
Industry bowl lifter-tipper ESBL is created for heavy industrial processes, with options for different applications

Industrial Mixers Accessories

If you are looking for industrial water chillers, browse our selection.

Industrial Mixers FAQ

What is a bowl elevator or tipper?

A bowl elevator is a piece of equipment designed to lift andtip mixing bowls to empty the contents. Bowl elevators are used in production settings and paired with large removeable bowl mixers.

First, a batch of dough or product is mixed in the mixer. Second, the bowl is removed and wheeled away, and finally, it is linked up to the bowl elevator, which lifts and tips out the contents. While this is happening, the removable bowl mixer is free to use, and an empty bowl is rolled into place to maximize the amount of product one mixer can produce.

Typically, a bowl elevator can be ordered to lift to different heights, with the most common heights being the height of a countertop or a large hopper/funnel on top of a piece of production machinery. They can also be ordered to tip to the front, back, or left, or right.

Note: you need to match your bowl elevator with a specific brand and size of mixing bowl.

Esmach self-tippping mixer

How do you move large removable bowls around?

The large removable bowls we work with come equipped with wheels and handles for easy manual manipulation. You just push and steer them around. However, to get your dough or batter out of a mixing bowl, we suggest you consider a bowl lifter and tipper.

What is the best way to get dough out of an Industrial Mixer?

It can be a pain scooping dough out of a small mixer, let alone a large industrial mixer. As such, manufacturers of removable bowl mixers design lifters (or elevators) and tippers that accommodate their bowls.

These devices are designed to lift the bowls to different heights and then dump the dough out, typically onto a work table or a large funnel hopper on top of another machine (for example, a divider). These machines sometimes come with customizations (like a bowl scraper) to better assist this process.

Some mid-sized mixers are designed with a built-in elevator and tipper that lift the entire mixer, not just the bowl. These are used in small factory settings where only one mixer feeds a production line that sits right beside the mixer. Check out our Esmach self-tipping mixer for more.

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