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Mono Omega Depositor
The Omega depositors are amongst the most versatile and compact machines on the market with an established reputation for the exceptional efficiency, accuracy and consistency of their depositing.
Mono Epsilon Depositor
MONO Equipment’s ground-breaking Epsilon Tabletop Confectionery Depositors are undoubtedly the smallest tabletop depositors available on the market today,
Mono Depositor Accessories
We have an extensive list of accessories for the depositors. 
Sandore Perfetta Depositor
Sandore – Perfetta
The smallest Sandore depositor model. Suitable for small laboratories, delicatessens, bakeries, and catering. Also a great R&D machine for large facilities
Sandor Multiline Depositor
Sandore – Multiline
Highly Customizable depositor designed for very high production, producing more than 32,000 pieces per hour
Sandore New Magic Depositor
Sandore – New Magic
Mid-sized Depositor designed for small pastry laboratories or large production facilities
Sandore New Fantasy Depositor
Sandore – New Fantasy
Depositor designed for a large production of pastry and works great for biscuits that have a very hard filling like date paste or almond paste.
EM Depositor SP/200

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