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EGR-2B EVO Automatic Group for Rolled Bread
The PM group is a multi-purpose work station planned to combine the functions of three different machines in one compact and versatile unit
PM Compact Automatic Group for soft dough and rolled bread
Versatile and functional, compact but complete, modular, ergonomic and safe, the new PM Compact group for rolled bread and slack dough has been designed to meet modern
Trima Intermediate Proofer Production System (4-6 lines)
TRIMA Factory Bun Production System – CombiLine (4-8 lines)
A high production bun production system for factory bun line production. For molded breads, slit breads, & more
BLOEMHOF 860/860L Bread & Roll Moulders
The BLOEMHOF 860/860L Gentle spring loaded roller system will not tear dough. This moulder is designed for high protein flour and long fermentation doughs for artisan breads.
FE Long Moulder
The FE long moulder is suitable to work slack dough such as Tuscan type and all types of dough that need to be strengthened during the Moulding process.
Esmach Long Loaf (baguette) Molder
Esmach Long Loaf (baguette) Molder: FFBT
Takes pre-cut dough and gently molds it into baguettes and other long loaf shapes

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