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Tekno Stamap designs, develops and manufactures dough-processing systems and machinery for bakery and pastry industries.

Founded in 1982 by Antonio Baldovin and Remigio Dante, Tekno Stamap straightaway stood out in the market of mechanical equipment for the food industry; over the years, it has enriched its offer with dough sheeters (manual or automatic) and planetary mixers, still today constituting the core of the company’s production. More recently, our range of products has been further integrated with croissant machines and make-up lines for bread, pizza and pastries. This is what allows us to provide our final clients (mainly resellers and producers from large restaurant services) with the dough-processing equipment required by their activities.

Tekno Stamap: Industrial Smart
Tekno Stamap Automatic Reversible Sheeter: IndustrialSmart
teknostamap manual sheeter lam2
Tekno Stamap Manual Reversible Sheeter: Lam2

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