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In 1969 PANEM designed the first retarder-prover cabinet. For the professionals of bread and pastry shops, this breakthrough technology revolutionized this business, both in terms of working comfort and regularity of production. Since the beginning, Panem has always developed solutions which, whatever the activity is, bring innovations, reliability, practicality and profitability, while working for preserving the quality of finished products.

Industrila retarder proofer
Panem Industrial Proofers and Retarder Proofers-Custom Builds
Custom build proofers and retarder proofer
Panem Industrial Tunnel Proofers and Retarder Proofers
Reach-in retarder proofer from Panem
Panem Reach-in Retarder Proofer Cabinet
Retarder proofer which fit trays sideways
Panem Reach-in Retarder Proofer for 2 Trays Sideway
Reach in retarder proofer with two independent cells
Panem Reach-in Retarder Proofer Dual Zone
Roll-in retarder proofer fro two racks
Panem Roll-in Racks Retarder Proofer
Reach-in proofer cabinet from Panem
Panem Reach-in Proofer Cabinet
Small capacity shock freezer
Panem Reach-in Small Capacity Blast Freezer
Roll-in retarder proofer for frozen dough
Panem Roll-in Retarder Proofer for Frozen Dough
Shock freezer with big capacity
Panem Roll-in High Capacity Blast Freezer

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