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Gas Deck Oven

Bassanina Steam Pipes Deck Oven: Zoom

Bassanina Steam Pipes Deck Oven: ZOOM

A deck oven to create your best bake. Produce exceptional artisanal products at high levels of production
Bassanina Steam Pipes Deck Oven: Tubix

Bassanina Steam Pipes Deck Oven: TUBIX

The ultimate artisinal powerhouse. Bake quality and control, low-cost operation and maintenance, and high production

Gas Deck Oven

Bake Off Italiana - Combi Steam Oven: Deckbake 250

Bake of Italiana Micro Deck Oven: Deckbake

Smallest electric, deck oven you can get. It’s high-performance will become an irreplaceable asset to your work bench.
Bongard Modular Deck Oven: Soleo EVO

Bongard Deck Oven: SOLEO EVO

All-in-one deck oven meeting the requirements of all bakers. Great for a variation of baked goods, bread, pastries, pizza and more.
EsmachLab Deck Modular Electric Oven

Esmach Modular Electric Deck Oven

Fits through a standard door and stays in the kitchen for years. Good for pizza, bread, or pastry. Esmach modular deck oven is customizable and reliable
Mono Electric Deck Oven: Harmony

Mono Electric Deck Oven: Harmony

Modular and upgradeable, this deck oven fits through a standard door. True artisan baking versatility with a gentle, mellow bake every time
Bassanina Electric Deck Oven: FEP

Bassanina Electric Deck Oven: FEP

The most powerful electric deck oven in the EM Bakery catalog with a bake as close to a gas deck oven as you can get
Bassanina Ecopower electric deck oven

Bassanina Electric Deck Oven: ECO

Green-power, breakthrough electric deck oven from Bassanina. Highly effective and durable throug

Pizza Deck Oven

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