semi automatic bread dough divider rounder
Vitella Semi-automatic Dough Divider Rounder
Perfect for achieving that coveted, round shape every time, cutting a shaping dough to exactly desired size and weight just in a few seconds, automatically and effortlessly.
Somerset Heavy duty dough rounder
Vitella Automatic Dough Divider Rounder
With advanced automation and cutting-edge technology, this machine offers consistent and efficient rounding for your bakery needs
Water meter domix 35
STM Water Meter DOMIX 35
The perfect combination of simplicity and reliability. Excellent precision and stainless steel case. Ideal for artisan bakers
Dough rounder for heavy use
Somerset Heavy Duty Dough Rounder SDR 400
Extremely compact & heavy-duty dough rounder. Incredible high hourly production. Great asset to any busy bakery
Tabletop self-serve slicer
JAC Slicer Picomatic One
Limited space is no problem anymore when it comes to slicing. Picomatic One has your back with its countertop design
Oliver bread slicer with front load
Oliver Front Load Duo-Slicer 758
Two is more than one! Choose from two slices thicnkess option and slice two loaves at the same time
Bread slicer
Oliver Slicer Model 777-N
Compact and sturdy slicer, with same-size cut thicknes It safely slice on demand and has big crumb bin
Gravity feeded slicer
Oliver Gravity Bread Slicer 797
Awesome options for multiple bread loaves slicing. Optimal for small wholesale, large or in-store bakeries
Bagel slicer
JAC Horizontal Slicer ZIP
Specially designed for slicing baguettes, buns and other round rolls horizontally in two, the Zip is the perfect complement for the sandwich artist who wants their buns accurately cut.
Variable thickness slicer
JAC Variable Thickness Slicer VARIA 1000 and 800
Designed to make bakery operations precise and efficient with the possibility of adjusting thickness. Compact design and durable construction.
Front load bread slicer
Oliver Front Load Mini Slicer 709
Perfect front load slicer for slicing of hard-crusted breads with soft-textured sandwich loaves
Reach in retarder proofer with two independent cells
Panem Reach-in Retarder Proofer Dual Zone
Two control panels and two independent cells allow you to proofer two different products at the same time
Deck oven loader
Pantek Manual Oven Loader SPM Easy 50
The manual tongs loader model SPM Easy 50 is made with a strong steel varnished carpentry. The lifting is allowed by special adjustable tongs according to the average weight on the frame. Actuating manually a mechanical control on the handlebar is possible to position accurately the elevator on the height of the chosen chamber.
Bakery water meter Domix 45
STM Water Meter DOMIX 45& 45A
A complete option for the serious baker. Stainless steel structure, 80 programmable recipes, by-pass outlet and excellent precision
Kwik lok for closing bags with breads
Slicer Accessory Kwik Lok Bag Closing Machine and Tagger
Semi-automatic, small, adaptive bag closing machine. To meet all your highest standards and needs
Blower for easy loading bread to bags
Slicer Accessory Oliver Mini Vert Airbagger
Vertical machine for easy bag opening and loading bread and buns into bags. Simple to use, and it is an absolute game changer
Industrial bread slicer
JAC Slicer Full T3
The semi-industrial slicer can slice huge batches of loaves sliced, equipped with a feeding rear loader and outfeed belt
Industrial bread slicer
JAC Slicer Full T2
The semi-industrial slicer can slice huge batches of loaves sliced, equipped with a feeding rear loader and outfeed belt
Pizza deck oven Tauro
Pizza Deck Oven Tauro
Eneregy efficient pizza oven, with wide varieties of size and high quality and consistent produce
Mono modular deck oven
Mono Modular Electric Deck Oven Harmony
Modular and upgradeable, this deck oven fits through a standard door. True artisan baking versatility with a gentle, mellow bake every time
Rotary convection oven
Bake Off Italiana Rotorbake E2/T2 10 trays
This rotating convection oven's combination of delicate ventilation and air distribution is outstanding and leads to a mouth-watering experience.
Automatic bread divider with many shape options
Bongard Paneotrad EvO
Revolutionary, time-saving piece, which helps to bake right-on-time and is pretty straightforwarded to use
Industrial bun divider rounder with 2 outfeed lines
Trima Automatic Bun Divider Rounder: K2/PRIMA DUO 2 lines
A compact (2 lines), fully automatic dividing and rounding machine. Can be combined with a proofer, long-roller, universal fold, or stamping machine
Roll-in retarder proofer fro two racks
Panem Roll-in Racks Retarder Proofer
Fully customizable roll-in rack retarder proofer for fresh dough. French-made, high-performance, with multiple adaptations
Shortening filter for donut frying
Belshaw Semi-automatic Shortening Filter and Melter EZMELT18 &24 &34
Belshaw’s shortening melter-filter EZMelt for cleaning shortening for always clean fryers and delicious donuts
Donut batter volumetric depositor
EM Donut Batter Volumetric Depositor SP/200
Variable speed, the two-stroke volumetric depositor, designed to handle batter with nuts, raisins or chips
Manual filter for donut shortening
Belshaw Manual Shortening Handheld Filter-Flo Siphon
Simple shortening siphon for manual use. Extracts and clears shortening from the fryer into a metal container and then can be used again
Pan washer with front load
LVO Front Load Pan Pressure Wash FL25
Powerful, front-load washer for pots, trays, and pans. Cleaning up to 250 trays per hour, with sanitizing rinse wash
Reach-in proofer cabinet from Panem
Panem Reach-in Proofer Cabinet
This reach-in proofer is a solid stainless machine and will become a great addition to any bakery
Small capacity shock freezer
Panem Reach-in Small Capacity Blast Freezer
The perfect solution for bakeries looking to preserve the quality and freshness of their food products
Roll-in retarder proofer for frozen dough
Panem Roll-in Retarder Proofer for Frozen Dough
Upgraded version of Panem retarder proofer with a unique feature for frozen, raw dough
bassanina baby single rack rotating oven
Bassanina Single Rack Oven Baby 12 trays
Perfect steam distribution is coming even to the tiniest places. The smallest roll-in rack oven you can get. Combine it with proofer to get ultimate production.
Esmach lab smart
EsmachLab Smart
If you always wanted to spend less time baking and more sleeping, here comes 3-machines solutions
Kali dough ball rounder
Pastaline Kali Dough Ball Rounder
Safe and reliable piece, rounding dough portion between 20 g to 1000 g. Can be used for variety of dough- bread, pizza or special dough
Semi-automatic deck oven loader
Marden Semi-automatic Loader Sollevatore 2001
Loading and unloading with electric lifting for the deck positioning, electric entry and exit from the oven, manual belt recovery for the loading position.
Manual deck oven loader
Pantek Oven Manual Loader SPM100
The manual loader SPM100 is a device planned and constructed to assist the baker in his daily job
Semi automatic deck oven loader
Pantek Oven Semi-automatic SPM200
The semi - automatic loader SPM200 is a device planned and constructed to assist the baker in his daily job
Deck oven automatic loader SPM300
Pantek Oven Automatic Loader SPM300
The automatic loaders SPM300/SPM310 are devices designed and constructed to assist the baker in his daily job; they can be used on all types of oven and are suitable for medium production volumes
Automatic deck oven loader
Pantek Oven Automatic Loader SPM500
The automatic loader SPM500 is a device designed and constructed to assist the baker in his daily job; it can be used on any type of fixed level oven and it is suitable for medium high production volumes.
Integrated deck oven loader for Bassanina ovens
Bassanina Integrated Deck Oven Loader
This deck oven loader meets the customers claiming benefits in terms of footprint and easy to use.
Bassanina Single Rack rotating oven FR Compact
Bassanina Single Rack Oven FR Compact
Designed to bring industrial production capabilities to small retail locations and bakeries. Versatility, efficiency, & durability
Rotating rack oven Bassanina FR Mini
Bassanina Convection Oven FR MINI 8-10 trays
So many features in such a small package. Powerful convection oven offering true baking versatility. This oven will bake all the goods you can imagine
Steam pipes deck oven
Bassanina Steam Pipes Deck Oven ZOOM
A deck oven to create your best bake. Produce exceptional artisanal products at high levels of production
Bassanina single rack rotating oven ROTOR57 cyclope
Bassanina Single Rack Oven Rotor57 Cyclope
Highly versatile, mid-sized rotating rack oven with a European design to minimize its width. It's designed for continuous 24/7 production
Front load pan pressure wash
LVO Front Load Pan Pressure Wash FL10 and FL14
Heavy-duty pot, pans and tray washer, with the temperature reaching up to 195 °C for sanitizing end rinse wash.

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