Product Types: Production Equipment

vittella manual divider rounder

Manual Divider Rounder

Mechanical machine. Pressing, cutting and rounding are carried out with levers, while the shaping chamber is adjusted

vitella automatic divider

Automatic Divider

Hydraulic machine, with one double-acting cylinder for pressing and cutting.

vitella manual divider

Manual Divider

Mechanical machine. Pressing, cutting and knife cleaning are

vittella automatic divider rounder

Automatic Divider Rounder

Hydraulic machine, with two cylinders for pressing, one cylinder for cutting and one for rounding.

Kali Dough Ball Rounder

The KALI rounder is capable of rounding dough portions ranging from 20g to 1000g without requiring any adjustment or the replacement of any parts

Slicer HSB

Effective enough for semi-automatic use, but also easy to connect with every type of packaging machine such as the Bagloader HBS with the synchronization system