Tekno Stamap Table T
Tekno Stamap Pastry Tables T Series
Exceptional machine for any baker of any size, to get maximum efficiency of pastry production
Manual spray Spraymix from Bakon
Sheeter Accessory- Manual Spray SPRAYMIX
Compact spraying machine, able to spray a wide variety of emulsions. Easy to use and maintain
Tekno Stamap Croymat
Tekno Stamap Automatic Croissant Machine Croymat
Highly customizable, automated croissant machine, able to make up to 12 000 pieces per hour, ranging from 25 to 150 grams
Tekno Stamap Make Up Line
Tekno Stamap Industrial Pastry Make Up Line
Tekno Stamap Make Up Line is fully automated to line for large quantities of filled croissants and filled pastries
Automated pizza and flat bread line from Canol
Canol Pizza and Flatbread line
Specially designed line for pizza and flatbread production of different thicknesses and shapes
Vitella manual divider
Vitella Manual Dough Divider and Press
Take control of your dough-dividing process and achieve professional results with Vitella's manual dividers
Esmach intermediate proofer
Esmach Automatic Intermediate Proofer ECP
The main job of the ECP proofer is used for few minutes proofing, following previous dough dividing and rounding. Used in automatic bread-making line.
Vitella semi-automatic divider
Vitella Semi-Automatic Dough Divider and Press
Effortlessly cut and portion your dough with manual dividers. Vitella durable dividers are built to last and easy to control.
TRIMA BA Panning unit
TRIMA Automatic Panning Unit Line BA
Panning line, automatized machine for positioning dough on trays, so then you can just easily roll it to the oven
Canol line pastry depositor
Canol Line
Thoroughy stainless steel, fully automatized pastry line, which can process wide variation of dough
Vitella automatic divider
Vitella Automatic Dough Divider and Press
Vitella's automatic splitting machines use advanced technology to deliver precise and efficient cutting results
Esmach bread roller EGR-2B EVO
Esmach Bread Roller EGR-2B EVO Automatic Group
EGR-2B Evo automatic is a machine suitable for bread making. Roll up to 8000 loaves in hours
Vittella manual divider rounder
Vitella Manual Dough Divider Rounder
This machine offers simple yet effective dough rounding, making it perfect for those looking for a more hands-on approach to baking
Vittella semi-automatic divider rounder
Vitella Semi-automatic Dough Divider Rounder
Perfect for achieving that coveted, round shape every time, cutting a shaping dough to exactly desired size and weight just in a few seconds, automatically and effortlessly.
Bongard Divimach Divider
Bongard Hydraulic Divider Divimach
No more differences between fresh and fermented dough, this divider can handle both with absolute ease
Manual bread divider Manotrad
Sinmag Europe Fermented Bread Dough Divider Manotrad
Manual dough divider and moulder is dividing the dough into identical pieces without pressing the air out
Automatic divider rounder
Vitella Automatic Dough Divider Rounder
With advanced automation and cutting-edge technology, this machine offers consistent and efficient rounding for your bakery needs
Heavy duty dough rounder Somerset
Somerset Heavy Duty Dough Rounder SDR 400
Extremely compact & heavy-duty dough rounder. Incredible high hourly production. Great asset to any busy bakery
Industrial bun slicer
Hoba Bun Slicer HSC-BL
Fully automatic bun slicer for baguette, hamburger buns, cakes and rolls, and the slice height can be adjusted with easy settings because of the position scales
Industrial bread slicer
Hoba Bandblade Slicer HSA-5
Bread slicer, for any bread type. Can be used separetely or as a part of fully automated line
Hob industrial bread slicer
Hoba Bandblade Slicer HSA-2
Bread slicer, for any bread type. Can be used separetely or as a part of fully automated line
Industrial slicer Hoba HSC
Hoba Bun Slicer HSC
Adjustable slice height and and depth slicer, with capability to slice up to 8000 loaves per hour
Industrial slicer Hoba HSB
Hoba Frame Slicer HSB
Quality constructed, highly productive slicing machine, with capability of 1800 loaves per hour.
Bongard paneotrad
Bongard Paneotrad EvO
Revolutionary, time-saving piece, which helps to bake right-on-time and is pretty straightforwarded to use
Esmach baguette molder
Esmach Long Loaf (baguette) Moulder FFBT EVO
Designed to mould pre-cut dough into baguettes, petit-pans and more. Excellent for high hydration dough
Oliver bread and roll molder
Oliver 860/860L Bread and Roll Moulder
This moulder is designed for high protein flour and long fermentation doughs for artisan bakers
Canolino pastry depositor
Thoroughy stainless steel, fully automatized pastry line, which can process wide variation of dough
Trima Automatic Bun Divider Rounder: K2
Trima Automatic Bun Divider Rounder: K2/PRIMA DUO 2 lines
A compact (2 lines), fully automatic dividing and rounding machine. Can be combined with a proofer, long-roller, universal fold, or stamping machine
Volumetric divider from Esmach
Esmach Volumetric Automatic Divider SP
Precise divider, designed for softer types of dough. The divided dough is of your desired size and weight
EsmachLab Smart
EsmachLab Smart
If you always wanted to spend less time baking and more sleeping, here comes 3-machines solutions
Esmach FE Bread Molder
Esmach FE Bread Long Loaf Moulder
High production long loaf moulder. Thanks to hardening during the process is great for soft dough
Trima BA Bread Roll Feeder
Trima BA Bread Roll Feeder
On wheels, sturdy, fully- programable bread feeder, in compact size. Easy one-man operation.
Trima automatic bun divider rounder
Trima Automatic Bun Divider Rounder KE/PRIMA EVO 4-8 lines
A high production (4-8 lines) fully automatic dough divider rounder. Synchronize and customize your production line.
Pasteline Kali Dough Ball Rounder
Pastaline Kali Dough Ball Rounder
Safe and reliable piece, rounding dough portion between 20 g to 1000 g. Can be used for variety of dough- bread, pizza or special dough
Trima Intermediate Proofer Production System (4-6 lines)
TRIMA Factory Bun Production System – CombiLine (4-8 lines)
A high production bun production system for factory bun line production. For molded breads, slit breads, & more
Industrial slicer HOBO HBS-5-1
Hoba Bagloader Holly HBS
Bagloading machine, which can work separately or be a part of an automated line. Can bag sliced or unsliced bread
Oliver sheeter 4-24
Oliver Simplex 4-24 Molder and Sheeter
The Simplex 4-24 gives you the best sheeting & moulding. This combination machine is ideal for busy retail or in-store bakery.
teknostamap manual sheeter lam2
Tekno Stamap Manual Reversible Sheeter Lam2
A manual, reversible, and variable speed pastry sheeter. Flexible, easy to clean, and ideal for artisans
Tekno Stamap: Industrial Smart
Tekno Stamap Automatic Reversible Sheeter Smart
The variable speed of the belts and quick programming make it a highly productive and easy-to-use sheeter
An innovative approach to traditional baking, just five appliances within the bake yard. Great choice for small spaces

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